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  • From a friend of mine, who hasn't spell checked this (sorry). This is funny, more will come.


    By: Jeff
    My dad always said “He was the first man on Pluto.” Then I always said “Dad no manned spacecraft has reached Pluto yet.
    ” Next he always said “Our house has.” After that I always asked” Where did you take off?” Then he would always answer” Right here.”
    After I heard that for the 100th time I decided to look around our house. I started when my dad was at work and my mom was at Target.
    I looked everywhere, but I didn’t find anything. Just then I remembered to look in the basement and the attic. I decided to look in the basement first.
    I didn’t find anything at first but when I was about to go back upstairs I saw something behind the washing machine glisten.
    When I finally got to it found a hand scanner. Of course the next thing I did was scan my hand. “Ryan Podolski, liftoff granted.”
    Said a metallic voice.”What does that mean?” I wondered aloud. Just then the house shuddered. I looked out the window. Guess what I saw?
    The bottom of the house was shooting out flames and was slowly lifting off the ground!!
    When I saw that I just wanted to get as for away from the flames as possible. So I ran to the attic as fast as I could.
    As soon as I got to the top a button panel flipped out of the wall. Just like the “Cloud” commercials I thought.
    It had a button for everything in the solar system. I pressed Pluto. “Pluto selected” said a metallic voice. “Wait!” ”What!”
    The End
    (Of part one)

    Part 2

    “Light speed” said the voice. I’ve seen the cartoons so I jumped into the nearest seat and buckled up. Just then one of those things on airplanes that tell you to buckle up flipped out of the ceiling. “Way ahead of you” I said. “3…2…1… light speed now.” I got shoved into the back of my seat. “Shield up.” The shoving stopped. The thing said I could unbuckle. I got up, went the corner and turned on the T.V. to The Three Stooges. 1hout later… “Critical error!” Critical error!” “Error!” “Error!” That’s all I heard. All I saw was red flashing lights that somehow got all over the place. “Stop saying error!” I screamed. “O.k. I…uh…just…wanted to…uh...make it clear.” said the voice. “Sure you did.” “Anyway what’s the error” “Light speed.””What about light speed?” “It never shut off and we’re going straight at Pluto!””Brace yourself” yelled the voice. “Is that an order” “Just do it!” “What ever.” After saying that I jumped on to the couch. Then I buried my self in cushions and blankets. Kaboom! The house shook. I looked out the window. Just then a squirrel like creature flew into the hot tub on our porch (which I forgot to drain again). Right when it hit the water its tail started smoking. Then it flew up. I ducked just as it crashed through the window. It flew an inch above my head. Then it flew down the stairs and hit the wall. Then it started sliding down(like the cartoons) leaving a trail of foaming foam made of foam. When it hit the floor it became seemingly unconscious. When I looked at the wall of the attic it had a huge dent in it. “Man I dented the house.” “Mom is going to kill me.” After I saw all that I slammed the attic door and barricaded it. “Critical error!” “Critical error!” “Error!” “Error!” “Error!” “Just stop talking!” “Naw I don’t feel like it.” “Error!” “Error!” “What error!” “Breach!” “Breach!” “BREACH!” “I get it!” “Well if there is a breach seal it.” “Breach sealed.” “To Earth” I said. “Light speed” said the voice. “Buckle up.” I sat down and buckled up. 1 hour later…I landed safely like nothing ever happened but something did happen. I brought an alien home, to Earth maybe dooming it( and crushed my mom’s car.) “Ha Ha Ha!” the alquirel laughed. To be continued…

    The Alquirel™ (part 2)

    By: me

    Prologue 80 years ago… In a creepy, repetitive house, Two weeks passed and it happened again… “What’s that noise Bob? Go check!” said Katharine “Fine I will.” As he walks down the stairs he notices the slime all over the wall… and the bump under the rug. “Ahhhhhhhh” Once more it appeared the Alquirel! A mix of alien life form and the mighty squirrel! “Honey give me the chair, hustle granny! Ahhhhhhh! It burns curse you cruel wor-bubble, bubble, pop.” There goes Bob, oh well. “What happened, oh what a nice Alquirel, do you want some nuts. The Alquirel then attacked the lady. Since then it was never seen again. But some people say it lurks in the bowels of Dain’s home. The Alquirel, The real Deal… They say the Alquirel lurks up to haunt A.J., Joe, and Jensen. Dain, Grete, and Diana have seen it devour its prey. Three Days Later Friday the 13th… “A.J I have come to haunt you… (Lightning). Hey where are you?!” the Alquirel ponders. “I’m in the bathroom give me a minute! I’m here what do you want?” A.J answers. “I’m here to haunt you!” repeats the Alquirel. “Ahhhhhhhh, just kidding, now, seriously, what do you want?” A.J replies. The Alquirel then bites into A.J turning him into his minion. “Minion, destroy Jensen, but bring him to me alive! Now fetch me Jensen!” the Alquirel commands. After a nut break (for A.J), and a quick trip to France (I really don't know why)… “Hey, Jensen how are you doing!?” A.J inquires. “Fine, now take me with you!” Jensen yelps. “Since when were you physic? Never mind about that A.J, just get me out of here! Fine Jensen, let’s go meet the Alquirel. What did you say A.J? Nothing lets go.” “Jensen now you shall become my minion! Really that’s the only reason I came here for (Jensen spontaneously combusts)! Forget it squirrel! How dare you call me that!” Jensen then backs out of the room dramatically. “Whoa! That dude has skills; he backed out of the room! A.J mutters. “Jensen you’ll pay for this! Keeeeeth! Get this flea-invested rug of my face!” Jensen’s friend then saves him. “Jensen flee I got him.” The girl (named Grete) then wrestles with the beast.

    Then Jensen runs into the Almunk!

    To Be Continued…

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